Easidream® Ewan the Dream Sheep
Easidream® Ewan the Dream Sheep

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Easidream® Ewan the Dream Sheep

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Ewan the Dream Sheep is fab thoroughly recommend great to use with a tiny baby really soothing.

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Ewan the Dream Sheep™ is a new sleep aid from Easidream for babies and young children. This cute little character attaches to a cot, moses basket, pushchair or car seat using his Velcro tail and emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency whilst giving off a calming pink glow. The combination of calming sounds and glowing light help settle your baby into a peaceful sleep making Ewan a lovely night-time companion for little ones.

Ewan the Dream Sheep has 4 different calming soundtracks to choose from including the sound of rain falling, harp recordings, a vacuum cleaner and a womb sequence. Parents were asked to trial a selection of sounds at home to find out which ones worked best with their baby and from these results, the top 4 most popular sounds were chosen to be used in Ewan the Dream Sheep. The heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings of a pregnant mum, not computer generated and these really do have a calming effect.
The other ingredient in the mix is the soothing pink glow which Ewan emits at night time. Research has shown that babies are comforted by certain aspects of the womb, so a pink ambient glow was the natural choice for Ewan's tummy.
Ewan the Dream Sheep Sleep Aid:

  • 4 soothing sounds designed to help baby sleep and chosen based on feedback from parents
  • Soothing pink glow which mimics the womb environment and helps comfort baby to sleep
  • Hangs from the cot using the Velcro tail
  • Features 20 minute timer and volume controls

Ewan the Dream Sheep was recently awarded the title of Gift of the Year for Kids 2011
A copy of the Easidream® Ewan the Dream Sheep User Guide can be found here.

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