Aquaint 100% Natural Sanitising Spray

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A water-like, antibacterial cleansing spray so sensitive and mild it can be used to clean babies hands from birth. Non-toxic and natural, the Aquaint Sanitising Cleansing Spray kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds and can be used on hands, skin and surfaces as a cleanser. Ideal for days out with your little one, It does not stain, smell or leave any sticky residue behind. It is safe to use on food, for example if fruit is dropped the sanitising spray can be used to clean the food.

Notimated for the UK’s Mother & Baby 2012 Awards for Best Safety Product, Best Product for Breastfeeding & Best Travel Product Under £20

  • No harmful chemicals, alcohol free, 100% natural and eco friendly
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested and does not dry out skin
  • Safe and mild for sensitive skin and babies from birth
  • Ideal for travelling and can be used to clean cuts and grazes
  • Ideal as a cleanser for breastpumps
  • Ideal for use on food e.g. dropped fruit/vegetables
  • Safe to swallow or spray in the mouth


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