Medela Swing Electric Breastpump

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The Medela Swing is an award-winning electric breastpump perfect for mum’s who need a breastpump for everyday use. It combines efficiency, comfort and ease of use to offer a breastpump that is the ideal solution for regular and discreet breast pumping.

The Medela Swing Pump is the only single electric personal use breastpump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression® Technology for maximum milk flow. 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes:

  • Stimulation mode: Babies initially suckle light and fast in order to stimulate the milk ejection reflex (MER) and to start the milk flowing
  • Expression mode: Once the breast has been sufficiently stimulated, babies switch to a slower and deeper suck for the actual feeding phase in order to get as much milk as possible.

Using the 2-Phase Expression Technology means the breastpump stimulates the natural infant sucking behaviour at the mother’s breast and subsequently feels very comfortable to use, almost like breastfeeding itself.

With faster let-down and maximum milk flow this helps reduce pumping time so you can express more milk in less time.

The Medela Swing is very easy for mums to use and can be switched between phases easily with vacuum levels set to the most comfortable level. The breastpump can be used with a mains adapter and the option of battery use combined with the beltclip also offers maximum mobility.

Features and Benefits of the Medela Swing Breastpump:

  • Efficient - Pump more milk in less time thanks to the clever 2-Phase Expression technology
  • Comfortable to use – features a range of vacuum levels and settings so you can find the right one for you
  • Easy to use - easy to assemble, use and clean
  • Small, compact and light – can be easily transported if you want to express mill on the go
  • All Medela bottles and collections sets are 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free

Please note:

The collection sets included with the breastpump are sterile and come in a sealed bag.
If for any reason you want to return your pump and the sealed bag has been opened, the collection set can NOT be returned, and we can only refund you for the pump.
For any queries, please phone our customer servcie team on 0845 8100 100.
For advice on the different breast pump options available please visit our Guide to Choosing a Breast Pump

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