Group Parent Education - Deborah Campbell

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This book is devoted to training parent educators and family counsellors and represents a unique and important contribution to the growing field of parent education and support programmes. The authors build upon the rich traditions of group parent education while incorporating contemporary theory and practice.

1. Group Parent Education: Rationale & Assumptions

2. The History & Evolution of Group Parent Education

3. Conceptual Frameworks Part I: Models for Understanding Group Dynamics

4. Conceptual Frameworks Part II: Models of Understanding the Role of Leader

5. Relationship Building: The Heart of Group Parent Education

6. Designing Educational Content for Group Parent Education

7. Facilitation Skills

8. Managing Difficult Moments in Parent Groups

9. Parent-Child Interaction Time: Laboratory for Learning

10. Leading Groups with Complex Issues

11. Professional Growth & Development for Parent Educators

Appendix A: Parent Group Leader Competencies: A Self-Assessment Checklist

Appendix B: Web Sites for Parent Educators

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