Sound Sleep - Sarah Woodhouse

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Sound Sleep is a well-researched guide is for parents with babies, toddlers or older children which deals with helping your baby or child to sleep.

The guide features a number of useful insights, inspiring stories, handy checklists and a variety of easy to use methods for you to draw on.

Reviews and Endorsements for Sound Sleep:

I feel a great affinity with your approach, based as it is on such great respect for both parents and children…….This book is written from the heart and will appeal to parents on an emotional level. It is as concerned with creating loving relationships between parents and babies as it is with advice for sleep problems. It also brings together a great selection of lullabies, which many young parents may never have heard. - Eileen Hayes, Parenting Adviser to the NSPCC

By far the best book I’ve come across on children and sleep is Sound Sleep……. Woodhouse is thoroughly child-centred in her approach, but also sensitive to the dreadful effects of long-term sleep deprivation on parents. Her methods for establishing good sleep patterns don’t involve draconian treatment…. and are highly effective for babies and children. - Rebecca Abrams, Daily Telegraph

We have an affluent society which is educated, has the social ability, educational research to find out how we grow and develop and it is scandalous that we let so many young lives go to waste, fail to flower, go wrong and end up stunted, damaging themselves or perhaps the rest of society… We have got further and further away from common sense - our innate ability to nurture, to care and eventually to educate each other. We are nervous of common sense because everything around us has become more specialised and less personal and human. Right from the Start touches on what is common to us all - basic humanity in this very, very pressurised world. - Kate Adie

Whether you have a baby who cries more than you can bear, or an endlessly waking-and-wailing child in the night, get this book! It’s fantastic. It paints so many useful pictures and tells stories you’ll never forget. It gave me hope and got me smiling again. - Single mother with a two-year-old

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