Cocooi Babywrap

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The Cocooi Swaddle Babywrap is made from 100% merino wool and has been specially designed to ensure comfort and safety for newborns to 3 month old babies.
Medical studies have found that babies and infants sleeping in or on merino settle better, cry less and gain weight faster due to a regulated sleep.

The first few months is crucial for your baby's development and babies at this stage need plenty of sleep. Swaddling your baby replicates the similar cosy sensation of being inside Mum's womb; providing a comforting, familiar environment for them to relax into.

Merino fibre draws away moisture from your baby, keeping them dry throughout the night and regulating their temperature.

The Babywrap comes with a merino beanie to keep baby's head cosy when outdoors in the colder months. The Cocooi wrap is also car seat and stroller compatible with an opening for a three point harness to be used.

For use from newborn to around 3 months in age.

Cocooi Swaddling Wrap Demonstration Video


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